Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Starter Fitness Program..

You may have never been in a structured program before. Even though you may have worked out for years. It is important to lay down a foundation of strength before moving on to more difficult and challenging programs. The trainers and coaches of US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning can tailor a starter program and beyond. Here is an example:

General Fitness Programs are designed for overall health and the achievement of a leaner, stronger body. Choose between the standard General Fitness Programs or the Dumbbell Oriented General Fitness Programs. The Balanced Dumbbell GF EXPRESS Programs offer a shorter workout for those busier times when you simply can't spend as much time in the gym. They are also great for those who physically respond better to a program with less overall volume.

Throughout the length of the General Fitness programs, the manipulation of the sets and repetitions for each exercise will be based on periodization concepts that involve changing the intensity and the volume of the workout.

As with all of the programs, the starting point of the workout is based on an initial fitness level. With feedback, the actual progression of the program will follow the body's unique adaptation process to exercise.

Fine tune the program to include all the exercises that feel best! To maximize the reduction of body fat it is recommended that some cardiovascular exercise be worked into the weekly training schedule. Have fun and get healthy!

Select a Program

2 Day2 Day GF Express with same day Cardio
2 Day Express!2 Day Dumbbell Oriented
2 Day Dumbbell General Fitness EXPRESS!Each program is FREE for the first 7 Days and only $9.99 per month thereafter.
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Do your kids eat right? (From US Sports Strength and Conditioning News)

Every parent wants good things for their children: a positive outlook on life, a healthy respect for authority, a strong sense of self, a disease-free body...a healthy body weight. 

Despite our best intentions, a recent report suggests that for the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

With all the advances in medicine, how could this possibly be true? The blame falls squarely on today’s toxic food environment.

In short, your kids are eating too much junk.

And who can blame them? Junk food tastes great.

The good news is that healthy food also tastes great. Take these simple tips and transform your child’s diet into one that is packed with good health.

Shocked doctors forced to admit cancer cure works

Shocked doctors forced to eat crow
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The 31-Day
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“Well, I know the cancer is
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     If a doctor told you the important information that’s in this video, he’d lose his license and might even go to jail. Ty isn’t a doctor and he doesn’t have that problem. He's free to tell you the truth.

     He also doesn’t sell the treatments or make money off of them – unlike establishment doctors who will bill you as much as $850,000 for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. After they’ve taken your money, you’re almost sure to die anyway -- because only two out of 100 cancer patients survive once the cancer has spread from where it first started.

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     As you’ll find out, it really is amazing how many doctors have been forced to eat crow after their “incurable” and “terminal” patients used the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Week in Bowie State Athletics

For complete team schedules, visit www.bsubulldogs.com

Saturday, September 6               Cross Country at McDaniel College                                                               9:45 am
                                                            (Westminster, MD)

                                                            Football hosts Saint Anselm College                                                     1 pm
                                                            (Bulldogs Stadium)
                                                            Community / BSU Faculty and Staff Day
                                                            For ticket information, call (301) 860-3793

                                                            Volleyball vs. American International College                                    2 pm
                                                            (Played at East Stroudsburg (PA) Univ.)

                                                            Volleyball vs. Fairmont State University                                              6 pm
                                                            (Played at East Stroudsburg (PA) Univ.)

Sunday, September 7                  Volleyball at East Stroudsburg University                                           12 pm
                                                            (East Stroudsburg, PA)

                                                            Volleyball vs. Le Moyne College                                                             2 pm
                                                            (Played at East Stroudsburg (PA) Univ.)

A Favorite Food of the American South Zaps Breast Cancer Cells

It’s not known exactly how okra seeds came to the U.S., but the vegetable stems from Africa. Some believe it came via the slave trade in the 1600s. Others think it was brought by traders from Mediterranean ports.
Either way, okra became popular in the American South (and elsewhere, too) -- and it’s a good thing, because it has striking health benefits.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

How Your Body Responds To Exercise

The more you know about exercise and the different intensities, the better you can apply these principles. At US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning, we design and deliver customized workouts to take advantage of the different applications of exercise and varying intensities. 

When you lace up your exercise shoes and head out the door for your morning walk, or push off from the wall of your favorite swimming pool, you're responding to the orders of your conscious brain to move your muscles in a more vigorous way. As soon as those movements begin, however, a number of rapid, automatic changes also occur throughout your body.

Your working muscles immediately start to burn more energy to fuel their contractions. They do this by stepping up the conversion of oxygen and nutrients into ATP (the fuel that all cells run on) inside each individual muscle cell.

During sustained, aerobic activity, like a brisk walk or steady running, your working muscles might use 15 to 25 times more energy than they do at rest, burning carbohydrates and stored fat in about a 50-50 mix. During an intense, short anaerobic effort, such as running a 100-yard dash or sprinting the length of the swimming pool, your muscles may require up to 120 times more energy than at rest!

Your heart immediately begins to beat faster in order to pump more blood to your muscles and other body tissues. During vigorous exercise, your heartbeat may rise to 150 beats per minute or more (compared with 70 or 80 heartbeats per minute at rest, for the average person).

Why this happens: As soon you start a physical activity, nerve receptors in your blood vessels, muscles and joints signal your sympathetic nervous system to release epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline) into your bloodstream. These quickly act to speed up your heartbeat. The brain's cortex also contributes to this speeding up, in fact, scientists have found that people's heartbeats begin to beat faster even before they start to exercise, as the brain anticipates what's about to happen.

Whereas the average heart pumps about five liters of blood per minute at rest, the amount may increase to 20 liters per minute during vigorous exercise. (The hearts of trained endurance athletes have been measured to pump as much as 40 liters in a minute!)

Your blood vessels also go through rapid changes when you start exercising. Stimulated by nerve and chemical signals, the walls of the arteries leading to your working muscles relax, causing the arteries to widen. At the same time, peripheral veins constrict, forcing more blood into your central circulation. The smaller arterioles leading to your muscle fibers also widen, and millions of dormant capillaries (which feed blood directly to the fibers) open up. (At rest, only about one in every 30 capillaries is open.)

The result of all these changes is a vastly increased flow of blood (along with the all-important oxygen and nutrients it carries) to your exercising muscles, including your heart muscle, which receives several times more blood flow than it does at rest. This blood flow is maximized when each muscle relaxes, and then stops as it contracts, creating a "milking" action that helps pump blood throughout your body as you move.

Increased blood flow to the skin during light and moderate exercise provides an enhanced cooling effect (you'll start sweating more heavily, as well). Meanwhile, blood flow is temporarily shunted away from the kidneys, liver, digestive system and other organs not directly involved in exercise.

Your lungs also begin breathing faster and more deeply, supplying your body with more oxygen. This response results from a wide array of stimuli, including a rise in blood carbon dioxide (the by-product of utilizing more oxygen), increased body temperature and messages sent from chemoreceptors in your body's periphery.

At rest, about 12 pints of air pass in and out of the average person's lungs every minute. During vigorous exercise, this rate may increase to as much as 200 pints per minute.

Your metabolic rate,which depends on how many calories you're burning, goes up anywhere from four to 20 times your resting metabolic rate, depending on how hard you exercise.