Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bowie State Bulldogs Football Wraps Up Spring Practice on a Successful Note

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BOWIE, Md. - Easter weekend proved to be more than just another holiday for the Bowie State University Football Team.  Following a “Mock Draft” on Thursday, April 17th where Moses Ware, Bulldog Offensive Coordinator and Coach for the Gold Team and Antone’ Sewell, Defensive Coordinator and Coach of the Black Team chose players for each of their teams in a fashion similar to the NFL Draft. 

On Friday, April 18th, the Bulldog Coaching staff hosted the program’s first fundraiser in the Student Center.  The capacity crowd of parents, friends of the program and supports were entertained by a DJ and the Soul Patrol Band.  Proceeds from the event netted over $10,000 that go directly into the Bulldog Foundation which supports the football team’s student-athletes.

On Saturday, April 19th, the entire football team came together to go over last minute details and assignments prior to the Bulldog Alumni Game.  Just as they were about to be released, Bulldog Linebacker Coach and former Super Bowl Champion (New Orleans Saints) Charles Grant introduced the Bulldog players and coaching staff to his former teammate at the University of Georgia, Running Back for the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions and Riverdale Baptist Alum, Olandis Gary who gave words of encouragement and hosted a valuable question and answer session.
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The Bulldogs had their full Black and Gold Game to wrap-up the Spring Season following a spirited Alumni Game featuring former Bulldog players from the 80’s, 90s’ and 2000’s to include Bulldog Defensive Coordinator Sewell. The Spring Game began with former Bulldog and Houston Texans Delano Johnson (’11) as Honorary Captain for the Black Team while former Pittsburgh Steelers and Bulldog All-Time Leading Rusher Isaac Redman captained the Gold Squad. 

The day was filled with big hits and big plays which resulted in only a 3-0 score for the Gold Squad.  Afterwards, Bulldogs Head Coach Damon Wilson stated he was happy with the fact the team was able to fill two completely separate teams with multiple players at each position so that the coaching staff could truly get an accurate evaluation of the team’s strengths and challenges.

With training camp in the not so distant future and the first game against Saint Anselm at home on September 6th, the Bulldogs are prepared to make a statement all season long until they regain the CIAA Championship on what would be the 25th anniversary of the last time the Bulldogs were crowned Champions.

I've stumbled upon faster fast loss

A couple days ago I sent my clients an email telling you all about the new accidental discovery I made with a few of my personal training clients (who I used as test subjects)

...that's code for "Guinea pigs"

The BIG discovery I made was a new and faster way to burn belly fat and get flatter and a more defined mid section.

Since sending that email out I've gotten a boatload of responses from people who want to be in the first ever "beta test group" I'm doing to validate my belly fat burning discovery.

Actually, I was a bit overwhelmed with how many people replied back so quickly and asked to be in my beta test group.

So I've finalized the program and here's how it's going to work.

  • I'm calling it the "28 Day Flat Belly Formula"
  • The entire program is only going to be 28 days long It's in the name
  • I'm going to provide you with a done for you meal plan crafted to help you increase your metabolism and burn fat. (This is NOT a diet, it's a 28 day modified meal plan where all you have to do is read it, and eat it.
  • You'll need to workout  3-5 times per week during the 28 day program.
  • The workouts will be challenging, even hard at times but never impossible. And you'll always have motivation and accountability from email and phone contact with me any time.
  • Here's the best part... even though we're going to work on burning belly fat and flattening and defining your abs, we're not going to do a single crunch or sit up. (imagine that, a sexy mid section and a flat belly without doing traditional ab exercises).
  • At the end of the 28 days you should see weight loss of 12-19 pounds and flatter, more defined mid section. (you'll probably drop a clothes size or two)
  • The program starts this coming Monday
Now, typically my clients pay around $247/month or more to get personal training from me.

But since this is going to be the first time online (beta group) that I try out this program on "non-clients" I'm going to make it FREE thats $0 for the entire 28 day flat belly training program AND meal plan. After the 28 days and you have seen great results you can continue on the program for as little as 66 cents per day!

But there's one small catch to all this...

I'm only taking on 19 people for the beta test group because I want to be sure that I can give each individual participant plenty of attention.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Shaw Ends Bowie State Women’s Tennis Season in Opening Round of CIAA Championships

ETTRICK, Va. - The Shaw University women's tennis team downed Bowie State 5-2 in the Thursday’s (4/17) opening round of the CIAA tournament on the campus of Virginia State.

Shaw took an early 2-1 lead in doubles.  Claudia Silva and Gislaine Farias downed Amber Peters and Antonique Johnson 8-0 at number one doubles while Jessica Medina and Menel Ben-Cheikh swept BSU’s Iyabode Sodipo 8-0 at number two doubles. Brianna Burke and Rahwa Habtemarian captured an 8-2 victory at number three doubles.

Medina stretched the Shaw lead to 3-1 when she took down Sodipo 6-0, 6-0.  Bowie State’s Habtemarian responded with a 6-0, 6-0 win at number six singles to trim the Shaw lead to 3-2.

Shaw closed out the match with wins at number one singles as Silva defeated Peters 6-0, 6-0, and number three singles where Farias downed Johnson 6-1, 6-0.

Bowie State vs Shaw (Apr 17, 2014)
Shaw 5, Bowie State 2
Apr 17, 2014 at Ettrick, VA (VSU Tennis Complex)
Singles competition
1. SILVA,Claudia (SUWTN) def. PETERS,Amber (BSU-W) 6-0, 6-0
2. MEDINA,Jessica (SUWTN) def. SODIPO,Iyabode (BSU-W) 6-0, 6-0
3. FARIAS,Gislaine (SUWTN) def. JOHNSON,Antonique (BSU-W) 6-1, 6-0
4. BEN-CHEIKH,Menel (SUWTN) vs. MANNING,Channae (BSU-W) unfinished
5. HANNA-COOKE,Hailli (SUWTN) vs. BURKE, Brianna (BSU-W) unfinished
6. HABTEMARIAM,Rahwa (BSU-W) def. BALOGUN,Omolola (SUWTN) 6-0, 6-0

Doubles competition
1. SILVA,Claudia/FARIAS,Gislaine (SUWTN) def. PETERS,Amber/JOHNSON,Antonique (BSU-W) 8-0
2. MEDINA,Jessica/BEN-CHEIKH,Menel (SUWTN) def. SODIPO,Iyabode/MANNING,Channae (BSU-W) 8-0
3. BURKE, Brianna/HABTEMARIAM,Rahwa (BSU-W) def. HANNA-COOKE,Hailli/BALOGUN,Omolola (SUWTN) 8-2

Match Notes
Bowie State 6-10
Shaw 15-3
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3,1); Singles (,2,6,1,3)

Bowie State Track and Field Places Fifth at CIAA Spring Championships

ETTRICK, Va. – The Bowie State University women’s and men’s outdoor track and field teams placed fifth overall at the 2014 CIAA Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track & Field Championships held at Rogers Stadium on the Virginia State University campus Saturday, April 19th.  Saint Augustine’s University ran away with its 17th straight men’s title and Johnson C. Smith University won its second consecutive women’s crown on the final event of the day.  

Saint Augustine’s scored 193 points to win easily over Virginia State in the men’s standings. Virginia State placed second with 104 points and Virginia Union was third with 94 points. Johnson C. Smith placed fourth with 85 points and the Bowie State Lady Bulldogs were fifth with 73 points.

Johnson C. Smith pulled out a victory in the women’s 4x400 meter relay to edge St. Aug 132-131. Saint Augustine’s was leading by one point heading into the final event. Virginia State finished third with 112 points. Winston-Salem State finished in fourth with 81 points and Bowie State’s Bulldogs placed fifth with 63 points.

The men’s most valuable performer awards went to Te’Shad Chambers of Virginia State (Track) and Berfranz Charles of Virginia Union (Field). Chambers won the 100 and 200 meter dashes and was a member of the 4x400 meter relay team which finished second and the 4x100 squad which placed third. Charles captured the long jump, finished third in the triple jump and placed sixth in the pole vault. He won the long jump on Friday.

The women’s MVP honors went to Danielle Williams of Johnson C. Smith (Track) and Tajanel McNeil of Winston-Salem State (Field). Williams, one of the nation’s top Division II sprinters, won the 100 meter hurdles, the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter dash. She also was part of the winning 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams. NcNeill was second in the triple jump, third in the high jump, sixth in the long jump and eighth in the javelin throw.

The men’s individual champions on Saturday were Geovanie Foote of Johnson C. Smith (Javelin Throw), DeJon Wilkinson of Saint Augustine’s (Triple Jump), Matthew Huckabee of Lincoln (Pa.) (Discus Throw), Ty’reak Murray of Saint Augustine’s (110 Meter Hurdles), Chambers of Virginia State (100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash), James Quarles of Saint Augustine’s (400 Meter Dash), Roxroy Cato of Saint Augustine’s (400 Meter Hurdles), Torion Bailey of Saint Augustine’s (800 Meter Run) and Rhema Ndjami of Bowie State (5,000 Meter Run).

Saint Augustine’s won the 4x100 and 4x400 meter relays. The quartet of Jermaine Jones, James Quarles, Daniel Jamieson and Taffawee Johnson were on the 4x100 squad, and the foursome of Joshua Edmonds, Quarles, Kevaughn Hewitt and Cato were on the winning 4x400 team.

In the women’s division, Johnson C. Smith trailed by one point to Saint Augustine’s which set the stage for a climatic race between the two nationally-ranked 4x400 teams. Johnson C. Smith topped Saint Augustine’s by approximately two seconds in the relay race to win the conference championship.

The women’s individual champions on Saturday were Alicia Terry of Virginia State (Triple Jump), Millicent Barber of Virginia State (Discus Throw), Vernesse Thomas-Quickly of Bowie State (High Jump), Williams of Johnson C. Smith (100 Meter Hurdles, 100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash), Quanera Hayes of Livingstone (400 Meter Dash), Tia-Adana Belle of Saint Augustine’s (400 Meter Hurdles), Hughnique Rolle of Virginia State (800 Meter Run) and Taylor-Ashley Bean of Virginia State (1,500 Meter Run).

Johnson C. Smith took the 4x100 and 4x400 meter relays. The 4x100 squad consisted of Shamaz Quince, Williams, Trudy-Ann Richards and Samantha Elliott. The 4x400 group included A’Tyan Kennedy, Tovea Jenkins, Crystal Campbell and Williams.

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new discovery (for a flatter belly)

I think I've discovered a new way to burn more fat and get my clients a flatter belly.

As a fitness trainer, when people come to me, the number one thing they ask for is to help them get abs – a flatter belly.

Now, since I like to experiment with different workouts, cardio programs and eating plans I tend to use my clients as Guinea pigs.

Some times I find better ways to get you faster results and other times I discover things that just don't work (but seemed good in theory).

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