Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Great Plan To Get Into Great Shape!

Nathan Lewis
US Sports Strength and Conditioning

If it's time to get serious about your fitness program, you need a
structured program tailored to your goals and abilities.

Using the world's most powerful online training tool, I can design
and deliver a 12-week fitness program fully customized to your personal
fitness goals, abilities, and time constraints. Features include:
Fully customized exercises, sets, reps and weights.
Videos demonstrating proper technique for every exercise.
Routines utilizing equipment available to you — home or gym!
Personal contact with me anytime via built-in email system.
Integrated feedback loop for precise program monitoring.
For more information about my background fee structure and how to get
started, go to US Sports Strength and Conditioning 
Just fill out the brief contact form to get started.

Personal Trainers: Train More Clients, Make More, Have More Freedom
5/5 stars September 30, 2014

Working with Nate is great! He's very encouraging and pushes you to get the results you want. I wanted to get back in shape and join a hurling team, a sport Nate had never heard of, and within 2 days he researched and formulated a custom workout for me concentrating on movements & muscle groups hurling uses.
Jennifer M.

Friday, October 31, 2014

UDC Faculty Athletics Representative Dr. Thomas Bullock Appointed to NCAA Division II Management Council

INDIANPOLIS – University of the District of Columbia Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) Dr. Thomas Bullock was appointed to serve on the NCAA Division II Management Council as the new East Coast Conference representative, effective immediately.
Bullock is the first person from UDC to serve on the Management Council representing the ECC, and he is the ECC's first FAR representative. His first in-person meeting will be held in conjunction with the upcoming NCAA Convention in January.
"Tom has been an active member of our conference-wide FAR group over the past three years, and he has a very strong handle on both Division II and the ECC," ECC Commissioner Dr. Robert Dranoff said. "I look forward to working with Dr. Bullock closely over the next few years in this new role."
As a member of the Management Council, Bullock will help the committee implement policies adopted by the Presidents Council and Executive Committee, resolve Division II issues, and make recommendations to the Presidents Council related to Division II matters among several other duties.
"I am honored to represent the East Coast Conference and University of the District of Columbia on the Division II Management Council," Dr. Bullock said. "Serving as a FAR with the FAR Leadership Institute and Advanced Leadership Institute has offered me a lot of insight and experience in terms of the structure of governance at the NCAA Division II level. It is a very inclusive process that I'm extremely proud to be a part of."
According to Director of Athletics Patricia Thomas, Dr. Bullock has provided exemplary leadership on the national level with the FAR Association as well as his service as chair of UDC's Compliance Committee.
"His day-to-day assistance as our Faculty Athletics Representative working closely with administrators, coaches and student-athletes is outstanding," Thomas said. "Dr. Bullock's presence on Management Council will serve the East Coast Conference and the University of the District of Columbia in a significant way."

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Ways to Protect Female Athlete's Knees

Although there are certain considerations that must be accounted for in Female athlete and fitness Warrior programs, the basic protocols of injury prevention are the same. At US Sports Strength and Conditioning, we take a 9 month approach to long term injury prevention for a female athlete it would look like this:

The Women's Fitness Programs are designed to bring about a toning and shaping effect to the body by using lighter weights and higher repetitions. There is also a greater emphasis on the parts of the body that many females want to work on: hips, legs, buttocks, back of the arms etc.

One of the fundamentals in weight training is to not train the same bodypart on consecutive days. So, for these 3 Day Programs, take a day off in between each training session. However, the Consecutive Training Day Programs allow for grouping 3 training days any way one likes, depending on schedule.

The starting point of the workout is based on an initial fitness level. With feedback, the actual progression of the program will follow the body's unique adaptation process to exercise.
Fine tune the program to include all the exercises that feel best! To maximize the reduction of body fat, it is recommended to involve some cardiovascular exercise in the weekly exercise routine. Just choose one of the programs that has the cardio built right in. Have fun and get into the shape of your life!
This first training cycle (above) would prepare her to train for her sport of choice:

Sports Specific Workouts
The Sports Specific Programs are designed to give people an exercise program tailored to the demands of their chosen sporting activities. All sports, from Golf to Football, have specific movements and physical demands that can be improved with proper training. The knowledge and experience that goes into each of these sports specific programs is what makes them so effective.

The most important attribute of any quality training program is injury prevention. Knowing how to start a program is the first step. These Sports Specific Programs provide injury prevention by first establishing a strength and conditioning base. The sets, repetitions, exercise prescription, and actual weight of the programs are based off an initial fitness level and specific strength to bodyweight ratio's. With simple feedback, the progression of the program will follow the body’s unique adaptation process to exercise.

Whether the goal is performance enhancement or simply the enjoyment of participation in a favorite activity, these Sports Specific Programs can and will provide great results!
Then during her season she would keep her joints and muscles strong, and even get stronger as the season went along by doing one of our Strength and Power Programs:

The Strength and Power Programs were designed to maximize the body's ability to generate strength. There will also be a certain amount of muscle mass developed through the stimulus of using progressively heavier weights!

Throughout the length of the Strength and Power programs, the manipulation of the sets and repetitions for each exercise will be based on periodization concepts that involve changing the intensity and the volume of the workout.

The Strength and Power EXPRESS Programs are for those people short on time that still want a very effective workout. An EXPRESS Program will give you most of the benefits of the regular programs, but will take less time each day to complete. It will not change the primary emphasis of the program, it simply reduces the number of assistance exercises for the calves, forearms and neck muscle groups.
The Strength and Power ADVANCED Programs will really push you physically. Make sure to pay high attention to recovery processes such as eating quality foods and keeping the body properly hydrated. Sleeping at least 8 hours per night is also key. And, stretching or massage both before and after the workout is also vital. This will help to stimulate passive blood flow to the muscles aiding the removal of metabolic waste products. Crank it up!

And now the science behind the US Sports Strength and Conditioning Programs

Ways to Protect Women's Knees
WASHINGTON (AP) - It took just one wrong jump, and women's basketball star Rebecca Lobo was on the floor in agony, yet another victim of a torn knee ligament called the ACL.
The very day Lobo was writhing in pain last week, doctors were meeting to figure out how to battle a growing problem: Women are far more susceptible to this debilitating knee injury than men. It's not just a risk for professional female athletes, but for high school and college teams, and even women who like a little weekend skiing, soccer or hoops.
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries are notorious because they're so painful and can require months of treatment and rehabilitation. But they also can predispose people to serious knee arthritis later in life, said Dr. Joan McGowan of the National Institutes of Health. The good news: There are some ways women can protect their knees, lowering the risk of injury by strengthening their hamstrings and learning to crouch properly while jumping, concluded a consensus conference sponsored by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.
AthletesThe Fat Burning WorkoutPolice, Fire, Military > Warriors > The SKLZ Workout Of The Week
Now doctors' quest is to alert women. "These injuries affect young people, and can affect the rest of their lives," said Dr. Letha Griffin, team physician at Georgia State University, who organized the meeting. "We really need to ... help the public know that there are injury prevention techniques." Her message: "If I'm doing jumping, pivoting, cutting sports, I really need to look into some of these prevention techniques."
Inside the knee, two ligaments pass each other in the shape of a cross, connecting the upper and lower leg bones. The anterior cruciate ligament is the one in front, and it's important in pivoting. Many sports fans connect ACL injuries to football's crunching hits. But experts say most ACL tears actually are noncontact injuries - and studies show women suffer from them about five times more than men.
ACL injuries are particularly common with lots of jumping, quick deceleration and pivoting, like in basketball, soccer and skiing. But recreational athletes who run, take boxing classes, even do step aerobics can suffer, too, said McGowan. Scientists are studying everything from hormones to anatomy to explain the gender discrepancy. But neuromuscular factors seem to play the biggest role, and that's where women can lower the risk, Griffin said.
Hamstrings, muscles behind the thigh, relieve stress on the ACL when the knee bends. If your hamstrings are too weak, they may not protect the ACL. Men's hamstrings typically are 60 to 70 percent as strong as their quadriceps, muscles in front of the thigh. Women athletes may have strong quads, but they typically have significantly weaker hamstrings, said Dr. Thomas Lindenfeld of the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine Research and Education Foundation. So as they jump and pivot, the hamstrings don't do their job and the ACL tears. In addition, women jump and land differently than men - more straight-legged and flat-footed. Men bend their knees more as they jump and land, a built-in shock absorption.
The Cincinnati foundation created a program called Sportsmetrics to strengthen hamstrings and train female athletes to jump with their knees properly bent and body correctly aligned so they don't land off-balance. In a study of 1,200 high school athletes, the six-week program lowered girls' injury risk to equal boys' risk, Lindenfeld said. The foundation now sells a video that demonstrates the program, and dozens of high school and college teams already are adopting the techniques.
Also, many ski shops carry pamphlets describing Vermont research on avoiding ACL injuries. Scientists videotaped ski accidents to show positions where skiers got so off-balance that the stress tore an ACL. Teaching skiers about those risky positions and how to regain balance on the slopes can reduce injuries, Griffin said. This focus on injuries shouldn't scare off women - exercise is key to good health and American women don't exercise enough, stressed McGowan, who led a related NIH meeting last week on women and sports.
But learning to prevent injuries in professional athletes could translate to a more fit general population, she said. It's important to know "this is the kind of thing amenable to training."
Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Personal Trainers: Train More Clients, Make More, Have More Freedom

Great coach, really becomes your friend and knows how to motivate you. He loves his job, there is nothing better than working with someone that loves their job and wants to better his athletes and themselves every time. I would definetaly recommend Nate to every athlete that is serious about their sport and wants to succeed. Learned something from Nate: success will always come, you just have to keep working.
Diego O.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bowie State Cross Country Places Second and 11th at CIAA Championships

Rhema Ndjami Earns All-Conference Honors

CARY, N.C. (October 30, 2014) – The Bowie State University women and men’s cross country teams competed in their final conference event of the season at the WakeMed Soccer Park this morning. The men placed second overall while the women placed 11th out of 12 teams at the 2014 CIAA Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Championships.  

The Lincoln University edged Winston-Salem State University by one point (59-60) to claim the women’s 5K crown with Shaw University finishing third with 95 points. Taylor-Ashley Bean of Virginia State repeated as the individual women’s 5K champion with a time of 19:27.57. Jazmina Paris-Morris of Shaw was second in 19:32.74 and Shana Brown of Lincoln finished third in 19:33.25.

BSU junior Samantha Ferguson (Newark, Del.) was the first Lady Bulldog runner to cross the finish line, placing 36th and finishing the course in 23:33.24. Freshman Treyniqua Dickey (Washington, D.C.) ran the course in a time of 24:44.24 to place 80th and senior Kayla Watson (Bel Air, Md.) completed the 5K course in 26:40.40, finishing in 55th place.

Seniors Rayshawn Penn (Richmond, Va.) and Crishonda Coffey (Richmond, Va.) rounded out Bowie State’s participants, placing 56th(26:45.00) and 64th (28:32.98) respectively.

In the men’s 8K race, Virginia Union scored 26 points and Bowie State University was second with 63 points. Virginia State University placed third with 95 points. The top three men’s and women’s squads received team awards.

Bowie State junior Rhema Ndjami (Hyattsville, Md.) was the men’s individual 8K champion with a time of 26:11.75. Kyle Edwards of Lincoln was second in 26:12.90 and Donovan Mundy of Virginia Union placed third in 26:14.12.

Freshman Michael Aregaye (Lanham, Md.) clocked in with a time of 28:00.57, placing him 13th overall and redshirt junior J.D. Tharpe, III (District Heights, Md.) finished in 14th place, running the 8k course in 28:04.49. Senior Sonny Hicks (Temple Hills, Md.) and junior Cullen Moseley (Landover, Md.) crossed the finish line, one behind the other, with times of 28:22.16 and 28:24.59 respectively. Hicks placed 17th overall while Moseley was 18th overall.

Freshman Ryan Washington (Silver Spring, Md.) and sophomore Troy Jones (Waldorf, Md.) also competed but didn’t factor in the team scoring. Washington finished 20th overall (28:32.92) and Jones was 26th (29:12.16) among the men.

Bean headed the women’s All-CIAA team, which included Paris-Morris of Shaw and Brown of The Lincoln (Pa.). The other all-conference members are Merideth Alexander of Shaw, Danisha Wiggins of Winston-Salem State, Alexis Cubbage of The Lincoln (Pa.), Fanta Fofana of Saint Augustine’s University, Sarah Gray of The Lincoln (Pa.), Domenique Julius-Williams of Johnson C. Smith University and Tametris Morrison of Winston-Salem State.

Ndjami led the men’s All-CIAA squad, which included Edwards of Lincoln and Mundy of Virginia Union. The other all-CIAA members are Franck Charles of Virginia Union, Emmanuel Nelfrard of Virginia Union, Luis Neives of Virginia Union, Christopher Henry of Virginia State, Deandre Horton of Virginia Union, Marcus Nelson of Shaw and Jalen Robinson-McCoy of Saint Augustine’s University. Each men’s and women’s All-CIAA member received an individual award.

Today's Scoreboard Mall Deals

Lifting weights is as important to physical fitness as aerobic exercise.

 The big 'duh' but just in case you didn't know, cardio by itself only will not cut it. -Nate
Although aerobic exercise burns far more fat calories, weight lifting or resistance training, increases your lean body mass. Muscle tissue is metabolically active. It uses as much as 45 calories per pound per day to sustain itself. The more muscle tissue you have, the higher your resting metabolism. Even when watching television, the local gym rat burns more calories than their couch potato neighbor. So, while aerobic exercise burns fat during and briefly after a workout, the lean muscle tissue that is gained by lifting weights burns calories around the clock. That's especially important if you want to decrease body fat.
Stronger muscles also enable you to perform daily activities more easily. The result is less fatigue at the end of the day. Well conditioned muscles also reduce your risk to injury.
Strength training is a highly individualized procedure. That's why two equally successful strength athletes may have very different training routines. Nevertheless, in order to increase muscle mass or lean tissue, you need to train with weights a minimum of two to three times per week. US Sports Strength and Conditioning offers customized fitness programs that are tailored to your individual fitness goals.
The American College of Sports Medicine now considers resistance training a necessary component of any sound exercise program. So regardless of what your fitness goal may be, get out there and toss some weight around.

" He (Nathan) consistently asked for feedback on how I was feeling and if I had any pain, soreness or problems...Nathan your passion and commitment to your work is truly inspiring." Michelle Trainee for 5 months.======================================